For years now I’ve refused to have a donate section because many people have abused source funding and donations. However, the last two years I’ve invested a large sum of money to figure out the best setup for a live stream. I do sell the live stream on occasion to networks but it doesn’t pay very much and they are difficult to sell. I enjoy streaming and love the interaction with the viewers but the main purpose is so I can share my experiences with everyone else. Since I stream in HD with stereo audio and stream my entire chase it uses a lot of data. I have data accounts with both Verizon and ATT and my data charges are now up to $300 a month. Storm chasing is already a costly hobby and unfortunately I can no longer continue to stream the quanitity or quality that I do. If you do not want to donate, I understand completely. If you can not afford to donate then please don’t. If you have the means and desire the help will be appreciated and I’ll continue to try and provide the highest quality stream available as well as stream for the entire chase.