cropped-Brandon-Clement2.jpgMy name is Brandon Clement and you’ve probably figured out by now, I chase storms. I’m fascinated with all types of weather but tropical weather is what got me into chasing. I grew up in Southern Louisiana and before I was old enough to go to the weather I had to have the weather come to me and that happened in the form of tropical storms and hurricanes. When I was old enough to start driving I would find myself in the middle of storms like Hurricane George, Ivan, Lilly, Isabelle, Katrina, Dennis and many others. However, I moved to Mississippi in 1997 and quickly became fascinated with tornadoes. I chased my first supercells in 1997 and saw my first tornado in 1998. From that point on I was hooked. My first trip to the plains was in 2003 and I’ve been back at least once every year since but in the past 5 years find myself all over the country. I am completely self taught and have a very good understanding of weather. I don’t know it all, I am constantly looking to learn more and have a constant thirst for knowledge that helps me become a better chaser. My love for extremes has grown over the years and you will find me in the middle of anything from severe, tropical, winter, floods, droughts and anything else that is on the extreme side. Many times you will find me chasing even the smallest setups.

Unfortunately, storm chasing does not pay the bills. I do sell video to media outlets with the help of Brett Adair owner of Live Storms Media. It helps but storm chasing is expensive. On average I drive about 50,000 miles a year and the wear and tear on a car adds up quickly. For my day job, I am part owner of Four Seasons Garden Art in Crystal Springs, Ms where I design, build and sell fountains as well as do all kinds of other garden art from custom concrete tables, planters and statues. You can check out our website to see more of what we do

I have a beautiful wife Mandi who used to chase with me often but since we’ve had children it’s become much more difficult. She has sacrificed a lot of chases to stay home with the kids and I’m forever in her debt.  We have two children, Emma who is 6 and Brees who is 3. If you didn’t guess by now I’m also a huge Saints fan.

I chase alone more than anything but sometimes you will find Mandi in the car with me. Other times Erik Perozo and I will get away for a chase. He is a meteorologist and incredible photographer. Check out his pictures, they are amazing. Ken Johnson, a meteorologist originally from Byram, Ms but now is the Chief Meteorologist for KAUV in Wichita Falls also chases with me on occasion.